Affordable Housing Landlord Raises More Than $9 Million for Families Facing Eviction

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Marjy Stagmeier started out with a goal of just $50,000.

When affordable housing landlord Marjy Stagmeier started a GoFundMe at the beginning of the pandemic in hopes to help raise money for those in danger of eviction in Georgia, she didn’t know she’d bring in nearly $10 million.

Stagmeier found her nonprofit Star-C and began investing in old affordable apartments and quickly realized her tenants were low-income single parents. When the pandemic hit, many were laid off from their jobs and grappling with handing multiple children. That’s when she launched her campaign to raise money.

Not only did Stagmeier raise $50,000, but Cobb County local government found out about the eviction relief effort and voted to donate $1.5 million of their federal stimulus funding to the Star-C Eviction Relief Fund.

“The eviction relief fund works with landlords who offer affordable rents for low-income families,” Stagmeier told The Good News Network. “Our landlords know their neediest tenants and assists them with their applications.”

The fund has now raised over $9 million from governments and foundations and helped more than 3,000 families avoid eviction, according to reports.

“So many of our tenants and landlords are simply grateful. Our Star-C staff often receives thank-you notes and calls from families who have now found work and can pay their rent,” Stagmeier added.