After 4 Years, 3 Miscarriages and 1,616 Injections, Couple Welcomes Baby Girl

The couple was determined to start a family.

A long and painful journey has finally ended for a couple determined to start a family.

London O'Neill arrived two weeks ago to mothers Patricia and Kimberly O'Neill, a new life and a new beginning for parents who never gave up their shared dream of creating their own tribe.

"When we started this journey, I don't think we had any idea how involved it was going to be," said Kimberly.

Four years ago, they began IVF treatments with the highest of hopes. But they ultimately experienced deep despair after suffering three miscarriages.

"We were devastated," Kimberly said. "And that's when we both kind of took a step back and really started thinking, 'Man, can we continue on and do this?'''

Down to their last healthy embryo, the O'Neills gambled one last time — and won.

For London's baby photo, the parents decided to surround her with hundreds of needles, symbolizing the 1,616 injections that were part of the IVF treatments.

"Her being here is really the biggest reward — what we were wanting the whole entire time," Kimberly said.