After NYC Blast, Former NYPD Officer Shows What to Do If You're Caught in Subway Terror Attack

Bill Stanton says those who take mass transit should always carry these two items with them.

After a bomb detonated during the morning rush-hour commute in New York City Monday, a former cop says there are steps you can take if you find yourself caught in the grips of a terror attack.

In the wake of the attempted terror bombing inside the Port Authority Bus Terminal, Former NYPD officer Bill Stanton described important methods of protection to Inside Edition. 

Use your clothing to filter the smoke, he says, adding that putting a scarf or T-shirt over your face can keep you from inhaling smoke. 

Stanton says commuters who use mass transit should carry two items with them — a flashlight and a smoke hood, a portable gas mask that filters contaminated air and smoke from your nose. 

Monday's terror attack set off chaos in the heart of Manhattan in one of the busiest bus terminals in the nation. 

Stanton urged vigilance over fear in the event of such an attack.

"You should never be afraid. You want to be prepared not scared," Stanton added. 

The terrorist has been identified by cops as Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old native of Bangladesh. He's reportedly an electrician and also drove for a car service.

A transit worker saw the moment when the pipe bomb was detonated.

The suspect sprawled on the ground as the smoke clears and his stomach was burned and bleeding. His pants and jacket were ripped apart, but somehow, he survived. 

In a photo, from the scene, the suspect appeared to have zip ties, which cops say he used those to fasten the homemade pipe bomb to himself.

Cops surrounded his stretcher as he was carted to the hospital.

In the wake of the blast, several people were left with non-life threatening injuries.