Agitated Buck Attacks Deputy's Cruiser During Mating Season, Gets Stuck

A buck attacked a deputy's cruiser and got lodged in the wheel well during mating season.

A buck in the throes of mating season attacked the cruiser of sheriff's deputy and ended up stuck in the wheel well.

The male deer had been attacking parked cars in Klamath Falls, Ore., over the weekend, prompting calls to 911, residents said.

When a sheriff's deputy pulled up, the agitated deer attacked his cruiser as well. The buck struck the vehicle with so much force that its antlers became stuck, trapping the animal between the driver's-side tire and the vehicle's innards.

Resident Donna Ross began taking cell phone photos of the strange spectacle as reinforcements from the local police department and the state's wildlife agency arrived.

"They had decided to tranquilize it would be the best thing, and remove it," Ross told KOTI-TV.  “And I guess assess the health of it, and it turns out it was just rut, that’s what everybody thought.” 

Rut is the time of year when bucks begin hunting for a mate. The deer have increased levels of testosterone and can become aggressive. The males also fight each other for dominance.

Ross said she was warned to stay away from the animal. 

“So I snuck behind a bush, and I got some video, and I was absolutely captivated the way this buck was completely lodged in a wheel well,” she told the station.

A state wildlife biologist said the deer was put down because it had become so aggressive, the station reported.