Airline in Hot Water After Off-Duty Flight Attendants Perform Burlesque-Style Dance in Uniforms

American Airlines flight attendants were recorded on video dancing at a charity event.

Four American Airlines flight attendants let loose in a suggestive burlesque number caught on camera. 

The four women, who were off duty, sang and danced to "Big Spender" as they surrounded a man playing an "Executive Platinum" customer while the American Airlines logo was displayed prominently in the background. Video of the moment was posted to Twitter, where it went viral.

Now, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants is demanding an investigation into what it called a "demeaning" video.  "We want the facts about the company's involvement and we want answers," said Lori Bassani, president of the union. 

American Airlines said the company had nothing to do with the skit. 

"What was portrayed in the skit was not sanctioned by the airline and is not representative of the 27,000 professional flight attendants who take great care of millions of customers each year," the company said in a statement. 

"We spoke to the customer who posted the original video and shared our concerns that the actions depicted in the skit he witnessed are demeaning to our professional flight attendants and crew members throughout the industry."

But people who were at the party said it was all in good fun. 

"It was for charity," said singer Deanna Wheeler. "Everyone is overreacting."

American Airlines wouldn't comment on the status of the flight attendants involved.