Alleged Squatters Haven’t Paid Rent for 18 Months Despite Throwing Lavish Parties, Homeowners Say

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Tenants in Staten Island allegedly haven’t paid their $4,500 rent in over 18 months, despite video showing them throwing lavish parties, including one that had a red carpet for guests. The landlords, Irina and Michael Mersheriakov, told Inside Edition that they are out nearly $80,000, but they can’t evict the family because of the COVID-19 eviction ban.

“They can afford lobster parties and red carpet events and DJs and karaoke going through the night,” Michael said.

In one video shot by Irina, the alleged squatter, identified as Nicodemus Miller, confronts the homeowner.

“Get out of my house,” Miller said.

Then a second man leveled a threat. “I am going to take the house away from you, and that wh*** over there,” the man said.

Inside Edition went to the home to try to get the renters’ side of the story, but they didn’t answer the door. On the front porch was a delivery of yet another television set.

"I cried through the night. Don't understand how we got into this position," Irina said.

The couple has three kids and are living with in-laws. Irina is a physical therapist for COVID-19 patients.

The renters say they will leave by the end of the month. Irina and Michael say they'll believe that when they see it.


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