An Armed Robber Got Locked Inside Store by Clerk Who Tricked Him: Police

The robber was arrested.
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The man surrendered to police and no one was injured. 

A not-so-smart robber got himself locked inside a Philadelphia store he was allegedly trying to steal cash from, authorities said. 

The 19-year-old man, who has not been named, allegedly entered the Boost Mobile cellphone store and pulled a gun on the clerk, Jitendra Kumar-Sas, Tuesday evening. 

"He take a gun and put it at my head, 'Hey give me the money, How much money you have?' I have no money," Kumar-Sas told WPVI

The clerk then told the would-be robber that if he was willing to wait, he would get him some more cash from outside, the station reported.

The person agreed and the store clerk walked outside, locking the alleged robber inside.

“I closed the door and put the shutter down," the clerk said. 

The person started shooting his gun at the door in an attempt to get out, to no avail. Authorities were called and then surrounded the business. 

The person surrendered and no one was injured. 

"If all robbers were this dumb, our jobs would be a lot easier,” a police officer told the station.