Was Kelsey Berreth Killed During a Robbery? Complaint Offers Theories on Mom's Murder

Kelsey Berreth has been missing since November

A newly released criminal complaint appears to suggest that Colorado mother Kelsey Berreth may have been killed as part of a robbery.

Berreth was last seen at a Safeway supermarket in Woodland Park with her 1-year-old daughter, Kaylee, on Nov. 22. Though authorities strongly believe she is dead, her body has not yet been found. 

Her fiance, Patrick Frazee, was formally charged with Berreth's murder on Monday. The complaint, which features little in the way of details, includes three charges of solicitation to commit murder, as well as two charges of first-degree murder. 

The three solicitation charges, which are dated "between and including" Sept. 1 and Nov. 1 of last year, seem to suggest that Frazee allegedly attempted to convince someone or multiple someones to kill Berreth on at least three instances.

Fourth Judicial District Attorney Dan May said that the two murder charges represent two separate theories of how Berreth was killed. One of the murder charges mentions an accusation of robbery, indicating Berreth was killed during the commission of a separate crime.

The other murder charge alleges Frazee himself deliberately caused the death of Berreth with intent to do so.

“Obviously, there’s only one murder in this case,” May told KMGH-TV. “Under Colorado law, we file separate counts under different theories of first-degree murder. We filed under two theories: One is deliberation for murder. And the other is felony murder.”

Authorities have not commented on why they think Frazee allegedly killed Berreth and the arrest affidavit against him has been sealed, with prosecutors emphasizing Monday that it's vital details in the case be kept under wraps.

Frazee has not yet entered a plea to the charges against him and is not expected to until a Jan. 29 hearing. 


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