An Indiana Town Is Offering Free 'Grandparents' For People Who Are Willing to Move There

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The town is also offering $5000 cash and a free membership to the YMCA.

A town in Indiana is offering some cool perks to move there, including $5000 cash, a membership to the YMCA, and a pair of grandparents, NPR reported.

Greensburg is a small community of 12,000, but the down has a goal to grow its population and is hoping that its “Grandparents on Demand” incentive will be enough.

Tami Wenning, the director of the Decatur County Community Foundation, and her husband Dan are the grandparents who are offering to be babysitters and help out new residents, NPR reported.

"When we have a grandparents day thing, it's packed," Wenning told NPR's Weekend Edition. "I would be more than happy to go to school and be there for a child so they don't have to go without a grandma."

The offer stands for those who want to move to Greensburg in the next 6-12 months, and are at least 18. They also have to have a remote job that’s based outside the town.

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