Anguished Families of Bike Path Terror Victims Share Their Heartbreak: 'He Embraced Life'

Darren Drake and Nicholas Cleves were identified as victims of the attack Wednesday.

The inconsolable families of those whose lives were tragically cut short in Tuesday's horrific New York City terror attack have come forward to describe their grief.

The heartbroken parents of Wall Street project manager Darren Drake spoke from their home for the first time since the harrowing incident on Thursday. 

Barbra and Jimmy Drake shared memories of their gifted son at the home they all shared in New Milford, N.J.

“We can't believe that he's not here anymore,” his distraught mom told Inside Edition. “It's very difficult.” 

He was killed as he cycled to a meeting along the bike path. His parents said he had taken up cycling to control his weight.

"He embraced life — he enjoyed everything he did," his mom said. "Even on his lunch hour, he enjoyed riding."

At just 32 years old, he was already accomplished; he was former president of the local school board.

"I am praying that when the truck hit him and it hit him from behind and he never knew what hit him at all," his mother said while fighting back tears. 

Meanwhile, haunting video of the Argentine tourists killed in the Halloween attack has emerged. 

"I’m a champion," one of the tourists jokes in their native tongue as they all cycled along the West Side bike path under a beautiful October sky. 

The nine Argentinians were on a 30th high school reunion trip to New York.

In the video, one of the men gave a "thumbs up" and another made a peace symbol. The video ends with one of the friends turning the camera on himself. 

Moments later, the terrorist struck, killing five of the gentlemen who were enjoying their trip to the Big Apple

Other victims included 23-year-old software engineer Nicholas Cleves and a Belgian citizen who was visiting New York with her mom and sisters.