School Bus Driver Praised for 'Doing His Best to Take Care of Those Kids' in NYC Terror Attack

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The assailant in Tuesday’s terror attack in New York City struck just as children were being dismissed from school and trick or treating was soon to begin.  

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The rampage ended as the rental truck struck a school bus with several children inside, the littlest victims of the attack.  

Sebastian Sobczak was picking up his child from school when it happened.

"It was very unnerving because you didn’t know if it was the beginning or the second wave was coming or if there was still somebody on the loose," Sobczak told Inside Edition. 

He didn't comprehend the full impact on the school bus until he walked to the other side.

"I saw a poor kid who apparently flown through the bus and his head went through the window and that is why the window was broken; he was on top of another child. I saw another girl motionless," Sobczak recalled. "There was human debris all over the bus. It was really sad." 

Two kids and one adult were passengers on the school bus when it was deliberately T-boned by the terrorist. Everyone suffered injuries, including the bus driver, who is being lauded for putting the children first. 

"I just feel sorry for the driver," Sobczak said. "The driver was obviously hurt, he was trying to do his best to save those kids," Sobczak said.

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In one photo, the driver was seen holding one of the injured youngsters.  He didn’t let go even as the driver was loaded into an ambulance.