Anissa Weier, Teen Sentenced in ‘Slender Man’ Case, Wants Early Release From Wisconsin Facility

One of the teenagers sentenced in the so-called "Slender Man" stabbing has asked for early release from the mental health facility where she currently lives.

One of two Wisconsin teenagers sentenced in the so-called "Slender Man" stabbing is asking for early release from the mental health facility where she currently lives and receives treatment.

Anissa Weier was only 12 years old when she and her friend, Morgan Geyer, lured a fellow classmate into the woods and attacked her nearly seven years ago. They stabbed her over a dozen times, according to reports.

When questioned, the girls claimed they were inspired by a fictional character they referred to as Slender Man, who they reportedly wanted to "appease" to prove he was real, ABC News reported.

The victim survived the vicious stabbing and the girls were quickly taken into custody. In 2017, Weier was found by a jury not guilty by mental disease and sentenced to 25 years in a mental institution. Geyser was sentenced to 40 years in a mental institute and the state appeals court upheld her sentence last year, ABC reported.

Last week, Weier, now 19, requested early release, claiming she was sorry and deeply regretful for her actions. She has taken full responsibility for her actions, CBS 58 reported.

As part of her plea, three doctors submitted sealed letters to the court.

“They don’t find her to be someone that is a danger to society, a danger to herself, or a danger to property," Weier's lawyer, Maura McMahon, told WDJT. 

Her lawyer said the teenager completed high school while in custody and has "done tons of therapy."

Adding that she continues to be engaged in "significant therapy," in a separate letter, Weier acknowledged that her treatment is unfinished but believes she will be a productive member of society.

"If I am going to be a productive member of society, I need to be part of society," she wrote.

Her next court hearing is June 11.