Anthony Scaramucci Says He and John Kelly Have Buried the Hatchet After Being 'Brutally Fired'

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Though they got off to a rough start, Anthony Scaramucci said he and John Kelly enjoyed dinner together this week, where they discussed their time in the White House. 

"My first conversation with John was three minutes," Scaramucci, who famously served as President Trump's communications director for just 11 days, told Inside Edition. "He did all the talking, I did all the packing. I mean, he was firing me."

But, according to Scaramucci, he has no hard feelings over being "brutally fired" and said they spent two hours pleasantly dining together Thursday night, speaking about how the White House is "way more organized and way calmer" than it is portrayed. Kelly departed his position as chief of staff at the end of last year, while Scaramucci was ousted by Kelly in July 2017.

"We were just talking how the press has created a perception about the White House that actually isn't true. Most of the people in the White House get along," he said. "... It'd be hard to say [Trump] doesn't have friends there."

Scaramucci added that the president still calls him from time to time to comment on his media appearances, saying they speak "maybe once or twice a month."

Asked what those conversations are like, Scaramucci replied, "They're fun. He's a very fun guy."

It's Trump's personality that appeals to his supporters. "He's a classic American showman," Scaramucci said. "Just think about how talented the president is in terms of ... entertaining people. Now is he the most rhetorically perfect person? No, and I think that's what these crowds like about him."

While Trump made a point of staying in Washington during the holidays, he's heading down to Mar-a-Lago for the Super Bowl, where he's hosting a party that will feature a steak and lobster buffet. 

Scaramucci characterized the Florida retreat as an escape for the president.  "I'm happy that he has that," said Scaramucci. "Any president should have that."


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