Is April the Giraffe Pregnant Again, 7 Months After Live Streamed Birth Was Watched by Millions?

April with her newborn calf earlier this year.
April is pictured with Tajiri after his birth earlier this year. Now the question is: Is she pregnant again?Animal Adventure Park

It's been seven months since the giraffe gave birth on live stream.

Is the world's most famous giraffe having another baby?

That's the big question Thursday after the owner of Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, N.Y., said he cannot "confirm nor deny" that the social media star is expecting again.

It's been seven months since millions tuned into a live stream of April's calf, Tajiri, being born. He finally emerged on April 15, weeks after Animal Adventure Park first began broadcasting from April's stall, promising viewers she was close to giving birth.

Staff previously told Inside Edition that April was ready to mate again and her partner, Oliver, was showing interest.

"She has been cleared to have another pregnancy, so over the next winter and season to come, April could be carrying Tajiri's new brother or sister,” park owner Jordan Patch told Inside Edition last month.

On Thursday morning, Patch stoked rumors that she might be expecting by saying he couldn't "confirm nor deny the possibility of another pregnancy."

“Are we ready for another giraffe cam, world? You tell me,” he said during the interview with Good Morning America.

Tajiri, April's fourth child, now weighs 450 pounds and, at nearly 10 feet tall, he is almost as big as his mother.

“Boy, has he grown like a weed," Patch told Inside Edition.

He celebrated his 6-month birthday last month with a cake made from apples and lettuce.