Are Tourists Risking Their Lives for the Perfect Grand Canyon Snap?

A 69-year-old woman recently plunged 200 feet to her death at one of the most spectacular sites in America.

A 69-year-old Arizona tourist recently fell off a ledge at the Grand Canyon, making her the fourth person to die there in the past month.

So what's happening? Park rangers routinely warn tourists of the danger and signs are posted along the edge, but authorities say many are ignoring the risks to snap that perfect photo. 

“They are just not processing how dangerous it is. They're more focused on the photo op,” author and canyon expert Michael P. Ghiglieri told Inside Edition. 

He wrote “Over the Edge,” about accidents in the Grand Canyon. 

“The victims are generally people who made really not-so-smart mistakes," he said. I know it's uncharitable and unflattering to say that but when you analyze how they happen, ... just like, how did that happen?

"What were you thinking?"