Arizona 12-Year-Old Collapses During Soccer Practice After Suffering From Cardiac Episode

Pyper Midkiff

Pyper Midkiff was at soccer practice when she suffered a cardiac episode and collapsed. Her heart stopped on the way to the hospital but paramedics were able to start it again, said the girl’s family.

A 12-year-old Arizona girl collapsed after experiencing a cardiac event during soccer practice on Thursday.

The player for the Arizona Arsenal Soccer Club, Pyper Midkiff, was 20 minutes into practice on Thursday when she began to suffer from a cardiac episode, according to a statement from the family shared by the soccer club. 

After collapsing on the field, CPR was given before an ambulance arrived, said the family. Once on the way to the closest hospital, Midkiff’s heart stopped but was started again by the paramedics, the statement said.

“Pyper is a fighter. Anyone who knows her knows that. We need Pyper back 100%. The world needs more Pypers that are 100%,” said the family.

The family said they currently do not know the prognosis of the young one's health and may not for a while.

“We’re believing in a full recovery for Pyper, & we feel everyone else is too,” said Midkiff’s mother, Jessica, in a Facebook post. “She started out as a miracle, & she continues as a miracle!”

After three days at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, the 12-year-old attempted getting out of bed and reached for her breathing tubes multiple times, a positive sign to her family, said her mother. 

A GoFundMe has been set up to help support the family during Midkiff's recovery. 

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