Arizona Man Faked Down Syndrome to Get Baths, Diaper Changes from Care Workers: Cops

Paul Menchaca was charged with sexual abuse and fraudulent schemes.
Paul Menchaca was charged with sexual abuse and carrying out fraudulent schemes, police said. Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

Paul Menchaca was charged with sexual abuse and fraudulent schemes, police said.

An Arizona man was arrested for allegedly claiming he had Down syndrome and hiring care workers to bathe him and change his diapers, authorities said.

Paul Menchaca, 30, was charged last week with sexual abuse and carrying out fraudulent schemes after three health care workers informed law enforcement investigators the man had pretended to be developmentally disabled and hired them to wash his genitals.

The women were hired after applying for positions advertised on an employment app, they said. Menchaca posed as his mother, using the name Amy, to solicit services for a son with Down syndrome, who required bathing, diaper changing and needed to be put in a "time out" when he misbehaved, authorities said.

According to court documents, one of the women said Menchaca would "aggressively" assert his genitals weren't clean enough and demand she scrub harder, KPHO-TV reported. Menchacha would become sexually aroused during diaper changes, the woman told investigators.

The three women said they were paid to take care of Menchaca at various locations. All of them knew each other, and after becoming alarmed by his behavior, they followed him one day and confronted him inside a house where he lived with his parents, the documents said. 

His parents said he did not have Down syndrome and did not need diapers, the women told police. 

Menchaca acknowledged lying to the women when they confronted him, police said.

At his initial court appearance Menchaca told the judge he had "special needs" and had "a low IQ level." A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Monday.