Arizona Mom Stung More Than 75 Times While Saving Children From Bee Attack, Fire Officials Say

An Arizona woman saved her children from a swarm of bees by taking the brunt of their repeated stings, fire officials said.

An Arizona mother was stung more than 75 times after a swarm of bees attacked during a family photo shoot, fire officials said.

The unidentified mom was credited with saving her two children by herding them into the family's car while being repeatedly stung.

The family had been posing for photos amid blooming wildflowers when the swarm attacked.

The woman managed to call her mother and ask for help.

The woman's mother called 911.

"Please hurry. Please hurry. My daughter can't get in the car. She's being attacked by bees. My granddaughters are with her. Please send some help," the woman told a dispatcher.

Firefighters used spray foam to disperse the swarm and were able to whisk the mother and her children to safety.

"The mother's quick thinking saved the children from being stung," Arizona Fire & Medical Authority said in a Facebook post.

The mother was treated at a nearby hospital and has recovered, fire officials said.

A bee expert told Inside Edition the best thing to do during a bee attack is to run in a straight line and seek shelter. Jumping into a body of water will not help because the swarm will wait for its prey to emerge, the expert said.

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