Arizona Police Officer Shares Story About Adopting 4-Year-Old Girl He Met on Assignment

Lieutenant Brian Zach
Brian Zach

A young girl was taken in by an Arizona police officer after he met her on the job, according to a report. Lieutenant Brian Zach in March 2018 was working as a patrol sergeant for the Kingman Police Department at the time when he was called to conduct a check on 4-year-old Kaila's home, he said in an interview on ABC's "Good Morning America."

"We colored, we snacked ... she held my hand and she was just this cute little thing," Zach said on the show about his first encounter with the young girl.

Zach told GMA that Kaila suffered from abuse and was taken to the hospital for her injuries after that visit –– and then by child protective services. According to Zach, criminal charges were made afterward against the young girl's caretakers. 

When they couldn't find a home for her right away, Zach and his wife already parents of two, stepped up to the plate, he told the outlet.

“We lived each week not knowing if she was going to go back to her biological parents, or how long we were going to keep her."

They officially signed the adoption papers this year on Aug. 18, the outlet reported. Zach said the young girl immediately started calling his wife "mom" and started calling him "dad" after learning what that meant in preschool.

"She is so comical, she is so witty," he added. "She's just a character."


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