Arizona State Fan Seen Crying During NCAA Basketball Game Gets to Comfort Players After Loss

He wasn't the only one shedding tears that night.

The boy who was seen weeping after his favorite team got booted from the NCAA tournament has gotten a happy ending. 

Jacob, the son of the Arizona State men’s basketball team’s athletic trainer, is a huge fan of the squad.

After the team’s 60-56 loss to Syracuse Wednesday night, he had to be comforted by his mom as tears began flowing.

The cameras of TruTV, which broadcast the game, zeroed in on the boy and he became a topic of social media conversation. 

Following the game, Jacob met with the team as they returned to their hotel, where the boy hugged the players, who were also bummed about the loss.

That same night, another boy was also crying, but these were tears of joy. 

Benjamin,12, was cheering on the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden and wearing the jersey of his favorite player, Pavel Buchnevich, when the winger skated over and gave him his hockey stick.    

The Rangers tweeted out video of Benjamin, who was left stunned as Buchnevich handed him the stick before the Rangers took on the Pittsburgh Penguins.

As Benjamin processed what was happening to him, happy tears could be seen streaming down his face.