Arkansas Family Comes Together to Aid 13-Year-Old Sole Survivor of House Fire

All 7 family members standing around a table with a cake on it
A family comes together to aid the sole survivor of a house fire.GoFundMe

"Right now, she's just, it's really difficult for her to process, just losing your entire family," Cristopher Mondragon told 40 / 29 News.

After a house fire killed six of her family members, the sole survivor is being supported by her relatives.

According to 40 / 29 News, a fire destroyed a home in Arkansas, leaving six people dead and investigators with the Washington County Sheriff's Department have been looking into the source of the fire.

The family is banding together to support the eldest daughter who survived while also mourning the loss.

"They were just amazing, they always got along with everybody, they were always so playful and kind," Cristopher Mondragon, cousin to the fire victims, told the outlet.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by extended family. As of Aug. 2, the family has raised nearly $41,000 out of their $90,000 goal.

The fire killed parents Juan Carlos and Marisol Corona Aguilar along with children Mario, 9; Daniela, 7; and twins Carla and Marisol, 3, 40 / 29 News reported.

Joanna, 13, survived by breaking out of a window and going to a neighbor's home who called 911, a Washington County fire investigator told 40 / 29 News.

"Right now, she's just, it's really difficult for her to process, just losing your entire family," Mondragon told 40 / 29 News.

According to the outlet, the cause of the fire has not yet been determined by investigators. The bodies of the six victims of the fire were sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab. Washington County fire investigator Tyler McCartney told the 40 /29 that the trailer home did not have a smoke alarm.

In the meantime, the family is doing what they can to help Joanna.

"We have a really big family, a really close family," Mondragon told 40 / 29 News. "We all love Joanna so she has a lot of love and support from the entire family.

Joanna’s guardians will be her two uncles, according to Mondragon.

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