Arkansas Missing Teen Found Dead in Mississippi National Forest

Fredarrious Wilson, Black teen boy, blue sweatshirt, black hat
Facebook/Fredarrious Wilson

Fredarrious Wilson, 18, was last seen when his mother reported seeing him before he went to a movie with someone from his school.

A missing Arkansas 18-year-old boy was found dead in a Mississippi forest on Wednesday.

Fredarrious Wilson was last seen in Arkansas on Saturday when his mother reported seeing him before he went to a movie with someone from his school, according to WREG.

Later that night his mother woke up around 11 p.m. and he still wasn’t home and wouldn’t answer his phone, so she reported him missing to the police, WREG reported. 

“Y'all my son didn't have any enemies, nor was he a trouble child, he worked, went to school, and played his game he was a pure momma's boy he went on a date with this girl 3 times and now he's nowhere to be found or heard from y'all please help bring my baby boy home,” said Wilson’s mother, Shirley Smith, in a Facebook post.

Police were able to track his phone to an approximate location in the Holly Springs National Forest in Yalobusha County, Mississippi, according to FOX 13.

On Tuesday night, the Yalobusha County Sheriff's Department began searching the approximate area for the missing teen, Fox 13 reported. 

“We searched the area for over six hours Tuesday night, but were unsuccessful,” Sheriff Jerimaine Gooch told FOX 13. “The area is very remote.”

Multiple agencies, including the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, assisted with a search of the area on Wednesday in hopes to find Wilson, who was ultimately found dead in the woods, according to WREG. 

“Sadly, it wasn’t the outcome we wanted. Our focus is on this investigation, making an arrest and providing answers and closure for his family, Our prayers go out to them,” said Sheriff Gooch, WREG reported. 

“My baby why y'all why what he do to deserve this y'all took a big chunk of my heart,” Smith said.

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