Arthur the Corgi Makes Recovery After Getting Shot in the Head and Left for Dead

Arthur the corgi
Facebook | PSPCA

A sweet corgi named Arthur is being cared for by a local Pennsylvania SPCA affiliate after being found with a gunshot wound to the head that has left fragments that need treatment.

A Pennsylvania corgi named Arthur managed to survive after being shot in the head, according to the Pennsylvania SPCA. 

According to Fox 10, Arthur managed to climb under a fence to a family farm in Lancaster County two weeks ago after being "shot between the eyes and seemingly left for dead,” .

According to the outlet, the family assumed the injury was from the fence but called the PSPCA. The agency’s affiliate location, Mainline Animal Rescue, took Arthur in and could tell his injuries were more serious.

The PSCPA told the outlet that the veterinarians noticed that the wound on Arthur's head was large, covered in dirt, that the corgi was in too much pain to let anyone touch him until medication and antibiotics were administered. 

After sedation, having the wound cleaned, and X-rays taken, they were able to identify the injury as a gunshot wound. 

"Arthur had been shot at an angle that miraculously missed his brain," PSPCA told the outlet.

"The bullet left a hole in Arthur's head & caused damage to his airway passages and mouth. He was covered in fleas, had ear infections and was anemic. But, he was alive." 

The agency shared graphic images of Arthur's injury on their Instagram Friday. As a note, the images may be distressing. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Since being in PSPCA care, Arthur has been spending his days in the hospital being treated with antibiotics and medications, according to the agency. 

PSPCA staff described him as "the most gentle and friendliest boy" who everyone loves, saying they hope he makes a full recovery. 

However, there are still bullet fragments that require continued specialty care, and the agency is accepting donations to help pay for his recovery expenses.   

The PSPCA's Humane Law Enforcement team is investigating the incident, according to the outlet.  

"We cannot imagine why anyone would shoot such a wonderful dog," the PSPCA told the outlet. 

"But, our officers will do everything they can to find out. And while they do, we'll spend our days spoiling Arthur & telling him what a good boy he is."

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