Artist Behind Donald Trump's 'Palm Beach'-Inspired Portrait Dishes on Behind-the-Scenes Details

The painting was completed in 1989.

The story behind the infamous portrait of Donald Trump sporting a tennis outfit is now being told, straight from the mouth of the artist who painted it. 

Artist Ralph Cowan spoke to Inside Edition about the portrait he did of Trump back in 1989. 

Despite Trump's affinity for a suit and tie, Cowan opted for a different look, putting him in a tennis outfit. 

“I wanted the 'Palm Beach' look,” he told Inside Edition. 

Trump looks rather buff in the portrait, but Cowan said it was all in the pose.

"I turned him in a certain way make his shoulders wider," he said. 

Trump was so pleased with Cowan's work that he later sought out the artist for a portrait of Melania Trump, but the artist claims Trump didn't want to pay for it, so he refused.

"I knew he wanted it for free," Cowan said. "I don’t do free for anybody."