Artist Turns His Field Into Massive Portrait of Kim Jong-Un as Warning to World Leaders

Kim Jong Un V2
Dario Gambarin

The artist created a 65,000-square-foot portrait of the North Korean leader.

An Italian artist has taken to his field outside Verona, where he has created a 65,000-square-foot portrait of Kim Jong-Un with the world “Danger” under his face. 

Artist Dario Gambarin recently used his plowing skills to make a portrait of the North Korean leader in a field in Castognaro. Gambarin put the dictator’s face into the field with two nuclear rockets coming out of his head, almost mimicking devil horns and the world “Danger” under the bust. 

“He is a person that talks a lot about nuclear weapons and bombs and he is a person who always wants war,” Gambarin told “He could drop a bomb and start a war.” 

Gambarin said his portrait is a warning to other world leaders, including President Trump, to tread lightly with a figure as volatile as Kim Jong-Un. 

“This is a way to try and talk to presidents and leaders like Trump,” Gambarin added. 

He said he and his fellow Italians are afraid of nuclear war and are afraid of war in general, which is another reason why he wrote “Danger” in the portrait. 

“Danger is a word that everyone knows and can read,” he said. “It is an international word. I didn’t write ‘Danger’ in Italian because the world doesn’t know ‘Danger’ in my language, they know it in English.” 

The portrait is said to have taken six hours to create and the eyes are made out of a nylon material. 

This isn’t the first time Gambarin has dabbled into politics with his land art. 

Earlier this year, he created a portrait of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin ahead of the G20 Summit, he also created the faces of Hillary Clinton after she fell ill during last year's heated presidential campaign. Gambarin has also plowed Donald Trump into his field, as well as Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela. 

He says he started the hobby a decade ago for a "new challenge" and wanted to use "natural resources" to make his art and "be outside more."

Gambarin is also a world-renowned painter who has had his work displayed in Italy, Turkey, Germany and America.

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