As President Trump Is Mocked for Lack of Chivalry, Inside Melania's Year as First Lady

The president was seen leaving wife Melania and son Barron fending for themselves as he held an umbrella on a rainy Florida day.

As Melania Trump prepares to mark her first year as first lady, her tenure has been riddled with rumors that she is unhappy in Washington. 

Social media was full of "chivalry is dead" statements Monday after President Trump failed to share his umbrella with his wife and son Barron as the family battled rain and wind while boarding Air Force One in Florida on their way back to Washington.

Barron and his mother were apparently left to fend for themselves. 

Donald Trump’s third wife has had to deal with much speculation about her marriage. 

Her now infamous scowl on Inauguration Day was written about in New York Times bestseller Fire and Fury, in which author Michael Wolff says the first couple was "visibly fighting" that morning and she "seemed on the verge of tears." 

There was also the moment she appeared to swat the president's hand away during a state visit to Israel in May.  

A spokesman for the first lady has denounced Wolff’s book as “a work of fiction."

Paolo Zampolli is the first lady’s former modeling agent. He actually introduced the then-28-year-old to Donald Trump at a party in 1998, and the rest is history.

He says that from what he observes, the union of the president and first lady is a strong one.

“I see them now — they are very happy,” he said. “Very excited to be next to each other.”  

President Trump may be one of the most controversial White House residents in U.S. history, but the first lady's poll numbers are solid, as 54 percent of Americans have a favorable view of her, according to a recent Gallup poll. 

Melania Trump rarely gives public speeches, but when she does, it shows her love of children.

“One can't help but notice how much more animated and expressive Melania Trump is when she is on her own," historian Carl Anthony told Inside Edition. "It's a chance for her to shine.”

The first lady has had her share of criticism, like the high heels she wore as she headed to Hurricane Harvey-ravaged Texas, as well as her Christmas decorations that some viewed as over the top. 

One indisputable fact is that she is one of the most stylish first ladies in history. 

"Melania has always known that her beauty is her strongest points," celebrity stylist Philip Bloch told Inside Edition. "Lead with what works for you. If your beauty is your best asset— lead with your best asset.”