Ashton Kutcher Says He Thought Slain Date Was Mad at Him When She Didn't Answer Door

Ashton Kutcher testified in the trial of Michael Gargiulo, who's believed to have killed multiple women.

All eyes were on Ashton Kutcher as he took the witness stand Wednesday in the trial of Michael Gargiulo, whom prosecutors have dubbed the "Hollywood Ripper."

Prosecutors claim Gargiulo butchered Kutcher’s onetime date, Ashley Ellerin, 22, stabbing her 47 times.

On the night of her murder in February 2001, Kutcher had invited Ellerin on a dinner date.

Kutcher told the court that it was their first date, but he was late because he had stopped to watch the Grammys at a friend's house. He called her at 8:24 p.m. because he was running late, he said. She replied that she had just gotten out of the shower and had to dry her hair.

He said he didn't show up until between 10:30 and 10:45 p.m. He knocked on her front door and there was no response, so he peered through a window and saw red liquid on the ground that he thought it was wine but turned out to be a pool of blood

He thought she was mad at him for being late, so he left, he said.

Kutcher said he spoke to the police the next day and was afraid he could be a suspect because his fingerprints were on the door. Cops told him not to worry, he said.

Gargiulo lived in the neighborhood and prosecutors say he was obsessed with Ellerin.

CBS correspondent Maureen Maher, who has been covering the story for "48 Hours," spoke to Inside Edition. 

"The friends of Ashley Ellerin describe him as the creepy guy who was always just hanging around. She was very nice to him, he was nice, but he was just kind of always there," she said. 

Gargiulo was arrested when cops say he attacked another young woman, a 26-year-old named Michelle Murphy. She fought back and survived. Gargiulo ran away, leaving his DNA behind.

Gargiulo is believed to have killed multiple women. He has pleaded not guilty.