At Santa School, Prospective Saint Nicks Gear Up for the Holiday Season

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There can never be enough Santas for the holiday season. That’s why people in London are now attending Santa school.

And what do they learn during the course? They perfect their “ho, ho, ho,” make sure their Santa laugh is up to par, and learn how to respond to kids’ questions.

"You've just got to be as friendly as possible, because sometimes if the child is shy or a little overwhelmed, you know, coming in big and loud, might not be the best approach,” one Santa, whose real name is Karl, told APTN. “You've just got try and find a way of connecting with them that brings a little smile to their face."

At the school, which is put on by the Ministry of Fun, the Santas-in-training memorize reindeer names, and learn how to say Merry Christmas in multiple languages.

The ministry said requests for Santa have skyrocketed this year. It’s clear that there will be plenty who are prepared for the gig.

Another Santa who attended the school said it’s wonderful to hear the stories of the kids they speak with. 

"[With] the children, you never know what you are going to get," he said. "Each time it's a whole new experience, for the children and for you; it’s wonderful."

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