Australian Hiker Carries Broken Leg for 2 Days Before He's Finally Rescued

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An Australian hiker was forced to carry his severely broken leg as he searched for help after falling down a waterfall on Mount Nebo last weekend.

Neil Parker, 54, broke his leg and wrist during the 20-foot fall and had to crawl for two days to a spot where he believed it’d be easier for search and rescue people to find him. 

"I had to carry my leg, and it was very heavy," he told on Wednesday from the hospital. "I had a bandage on my elbow so I could use my elbow and scrambling, lifting, inch by inch."

Parker said he could only move super slowly and it took him two days to cover territory that only took 40 minutes to walk. He said thinking about his family kept him going.

"I wanted to be around for my kids,” he said. 

He said he kept his will to live throughout the ordeal. He also had first aid supplies with him and used hiking sticks to splint his leg.

On Tuesday afternoon, a rescue helicopter spotted the injured hiker, and he was flown to a hospital in Brisbane.

He is expected to take weeks to recover, according to reports.


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