Hikers Call 911 About 'Wild Pig' Stalking Them — Was Just Passing Cars

Wild pig
Getty Images

When this man and woman went hiking in Texas, it was their imagination that ended up running away with them.

The pair were in Government Canyon State Park late on June 21 when the woman called 911, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife.

The woman said an animal — believed to be a wild pig — was following her and her companion. She said they escaped the beast by climbing a tree.

A park police officer headed out to find her in the park. He called her cellphone to get her exact location, and she urged him to hurry, because the pig was nearby and growling.

The officer hiked to the woman's location and found her and the man still in the tree. The woman told the cop the pig was still close and that she had heard it just before he arrived.

"Shortly after that, the officer heard a car drive over the rumble strips nearby on Galm Road and watched as the woman’s body language immediately changed," the Parks and Wildlife said on its website.

Was this the noise they had heard, the officer asked. The pair nodded.

He explained that the noise was no angry beast at all but just passing cars. To their embarrassment, the pair were reassured them that "the unknown can be scary and their reaction surprisingly common."


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