Model Attacked by Pig at Famed Bahamas Beach

The pigs can be aggressive toward visitors.

Tourists flock to the Exumas in the Bahamas every year to visit the famed swimming pigs of Pig Beach, but what happens when you get a little too up and personal with the animals?

Instagram model Michelle Lewin found the hard way when she got bit on the butt and chased by some of the resident wild pigs.

The Venezuelan influencer shared the video on her Instagram that later showed the bite mark one of the pigs left on her behind.

In fact, it wasn’t the first time these pink pigs turned vicious.

Several visitors to the island have also posted their own violent encounters with the pigs while on vacation.

During a season of "The Bachelor," the entire cast was brought out to swim with the pigs, but many commented they were quite aggressive.

The swimming pigs were also featured on the Netflix documentary on Fyre Festival, which was set to be held in the Exumas. Part of the festival’s promotional video showed models playing with the pigs.

But are the pigs just protecting themselves from human interference? In 2017, more than a half-dozen pigs turned up dead and autopsies found they had ingested too much sand – a side effect of ingesting the food and booze tourists end up throwing on the beach.