Author Outlines the Best Time to Have Surgery, Drink Your Morning Coffee in New Book

Daniel Pink has the "secrets for perfect timing" in his latest book.

Believe it or not, there are optimal times to schedule certain activities like your morning coffee, exercise and even surgery. 

The New York Times best-selling author Daniel Pink says the best time to schedule an operation is in the morning, when he says doctors are at their best.  

“Do not go to the hospital in the afternoon if you can avoid it!" he told Inside Edition. "Hospitals can be very dangerous places in the afternoon. Anesthesia errors are four times more likely at 3 p.m. than 9 a.m. and hand-washing in hospitals deteriorates significantly in the afternoon."
In his new book, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, he writes that the best time to hit the gym is early in the morning.
"You should exercise in the morning if you're interested in boosting your mood throughout the day, establishing a habit or losing weight," he said. 

Pink advises against drinking coffee first thing in the morning because caffeine blocks your body from waking up naturally.
“You're better off having your coffee about 90 minutes after you wake up — you get more bang for your buck," Pink said. 

If you are headed to court to fight a traffic violation, research shows you're better off facing the judge earlier in the day, since that's when they're most likely to be lenient. 
The book also answers the age-old question of whether you should give bad or good news first. 

"This is not even a close call," Pink said. "Most people want to receive the bad news before the good news, because in general, human beings prefer endings that elevate."

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