Autistic Boy Given Secret Recipe for His Favorite Waffles After They Are Discontinued

A fundraiser was set up for 10-year-old Jerico Roman by his mother who after falling ill has only been eating his favorite waffles for meals.

A fundraiser was set up for 10-year-old Jerico Roman by his mother, who knew how much he loved his favorite waffles.

A 10-year-old boy's day was made when his long search for his favorite type of waffles ended with his being given the coveted recipe. 

Jerico Roman's mother created a GoFundMe fundraiser for him after he became sick and would only eat his favorite waffles. His mom, Jenna, was on the search for the waffles after he struggled to keep up his appetite after contracting what she suspected was COVID-19.

Jenna wrote on the page that her son, who is autistic. has extreme oral aversion and eating challenges. He has "struggled with eating since he was 8 months old when more textured food was introduced," she wrote.

She wrote that his eating habits got worse last year and "had regressed so much he had to relearn how to drink and eat."

During that time, the only food Jerico would eat were his favorite waffles –– but his mom was running out of supply and the waffle company discontinued production.

So, his mother made Jerico try a variety of waffles to replace the old ones.

After trying several, finally Jerico chose a maple cinnamon version by Canada-based brand Nature's Path.

"I was so relieved that finally, he accepted a new kind as I was almost out of the old kind," Jenna wrote to CBS News. "I was also happy it was a company that I thought was local so I wouldn't have to go through that amount of stress again."

"I am asking for help to find and cover the costs of the waffles plus a deep freezer to store them as they are frozen," she wrote on the GoFundMe page she created.

She also asked for the recipe to help replicate Jerico's favorite waffles at home as "security" for when her waffle stock runs out.

That's when Nature's Path reached out and rummaged up an adapted recipe, special for Jerico and his mother.

"Remember the story of Jerico and the @NaturesPath Maple Cinnamon waffles?" wrote Communications Director Samantha Falk. "Well, I am so happy to say our incredible R&D Team was able to adapt our recipe for home use - and we delivered the recipe and all the ingredients to Jerico & his mom Jenna today. Bon appetit!!"

Falk wrote to CBS News that she personally dropped off the recipe to the child's home, including a care package of ingredients.

Falk even said if the recipe isn't exactly right, they will rework it for him.