Autistic Brother’s Needs Inspire Teen to Invent Special T-Shirt

Jose Rodriguez saw how popular fidget toys helped relieve his brother's pent-up anxiety. But the tiny toy was easily lost. Jose's simple t-shirt design provides a much-needed solution.

A young entrepreneur has big dreams — for a very special reason!

Jose Rodriguez is just 18, but his company Tasium is helping to improve the lives of autistic folks.

His kid brother Joel is autistic. Since they were kids, Jose has watched as his brother struggled with stress-related fidgeting.

“I love him more than anything in this world,” Jose said.

He saw how popular fidget toys proved helping in relieving Joel’s pent-up anxiety. But the tiny toy was easily lost.

That’s when Jose had his big idea — he punched a hole in a t-shirt, then used a clip to fasten the toy to the t-shirt. The t-shirt sells for $30 and comes with a fidget toy. 

Jose entered the National Youth Entrepreneurship challenge, and of the 20,000 entries submitted from the teens around the world, Jose won first place.

His prize is a full four-year scholarship to prestigious Babson College outside Boston. It has been voted the No.1 entrepreneurial college in America. 

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