Baby Born With Rare Condition to Have 'Batman' Skin Patch Removed

Mom Carol Fenner said strangers will say mean things about her daughter when they go out.

Little Luna Fenner is just like any other 6-month old. She spends her time laughing, eating and bouncing around. But Luna was born with a rare skin condition called congenital melanocytic nevus.

It presents as a dark skin patch that increases the risk of developing a cancerous melanoma. In Luna's case, the dark patch is on her face, shaped like a Batman mask. Mom Carol Fenner says she wants it removed and has been searching high and low for treatment. 

“We're going to remove it. That can turn to cancer, also because of the bullying and stuff we are going through when we go out, people saying bad things about it,” Fenner told

“There are a lot of racist comments. A lot of people get so angry,” she told news agency SWNS.

After learning about Luna’s condition, Russian surgeon-oncologist Dr. Pavel Borisovich Popov reached out to Fenner, offering to perform a treatment that is not yet available in the United States.

Fenner and Luna are travelling to Russia to run tests before any treatment begins.

“We went to a lot of doctors before here in the U.S. We went to Chicago, Boston, New York, and I didn’t like the results and the doctors in Russia have shown me very good results like the before and after pictures, so we’re gonna try it,” Fenner told

Fenner says she wants it done before Luna starts school, in order to avoid the possibility of her daughter continuing to be bullied.

Luna is expected to undergo several procedures.

The family has set up a GoFundMe to help with the costs. Their goal is to raise $98,000.