Adorable Baby Busts a Move to Jonas Brothers' 'Sucker' While Holding a French Fry

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This Ohio baby sure has got the moves.

Ella Dooley, who is 14 months old, and recently she pulled out her best shimmy to prove it.

Ella’s mom, Jennifer Burnett-Dooley, told she was sitting in the parking lot and handed Ella a French fry at the same time as the Jonas Brothers' hit song "Sucker" came on.

The resulting video is comedy gold. 

“She just really broke it down out of nowhere and I was able to get it on video,” Burnett-Dooley said with a laugh.

Burnett-Dooley said Ella’s dad has been dancing with her every time she eats and she’s picked up the habit.

The mom shared the video to Facebook and it took off.

“Future dancing queen,” one commenter wrote, while others chimed in about how adorable she is.

It’s normal to see Ella dancing, her mom said, but this time, her rhythm shocked everyone.

“She always dances, always, but to be right on cue with that song, I couldn’t believe it,” Burnett-Dooley added.


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