Bizarre 'Chicken Teddy Bear' Appears on Facebook Marketplace

“Edible and can be cooked,” the post bragged in all capital letters.
“Edible and can be cooked,” the post brags in all capital letters. Best of Nextdoor

Don't worry, it's fake.

Is this a chicken or a teddy bear? Why not both?

New Orleans residents might have spotted a strange buy on Facebook Marketplace recently – a teddy bear seemingly created with pieces of raw chicken sewn together.

The post advertised that for just $35, the seller can make two fresh “chicken teddy bears.” If the buyer provided their own chicken, they could lower the price to $25.

“Edible and can be cooked,” the post bragged in all capital letters. “Great family activity.”

It continued: “Can also make clothes.”

Lori Delgado, a New Orleans native, said she saw a friend share the news of the bizarre sale in their area and took a screenshot of the post to submit to the popular Facebook group Best of Nextdoor.

“This was definitely one of the crazier submissions,” Jenn Takahashi told, noting the page gets about 50 to 75 submissions each day. “I thought if I can’t unsee this, the world can’t unsee it either.”

The post quickly went viral, leading some to point out the sale was fake.

The raw chicken teddy bear, which went viral for the first time in 2013, is actually a piece of art by Russian artist Viktor Ivanov, who said at the time, "On the whole, it made me feel disgusted the entire time I was making it."

He added: "One should not know what it’s like to sew through skin.”

The account that made the original posting to their local Facebook Marketplace has also since been deleted.

And, as far as questioning the legitimacy of that sort of sale in her area, Delgado said, “It’s New Orleans. Anything is possible around here!”