Generous CEO Surprises Daughter's Teacher With a New Car

Playing Alabama Teacher Cries When Student's Parent Surprises Her With New Car

A kind CEO gifted her daughter’s teacher with a new car when she realized the Alabama woman was catching the bus to the classroom. 

Courtney Adeleye, the CEO and founder of The Mane Choice hair care products, told BET she couldn't let the teacher go like that. So she bought her a brand new Ford Focus.

Video of the touching surprise shows the teacher sobbing.

"Oh my gosh, I cannot believe this!" she can be heard saying.

Adeleye responds, "We don't want you to have to catch the bus."

The pair then share a beautiful hug.

Adeleye has started a Pay My Bill program in which she offers to pay the bills of one of her followers. She has paid 150 thus far, according to reports.


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