From a Skunk to a Capybara, the Bizarre Creatures That Some People Are Keeping as Pets

They may not look cute or cuddly, but they are best friends for these folks.

Move over dogs and cats — some of the most bizarre animals are becoming great pets to homeowners across America.

Gizmo the skunk living is not an unwanted intruder in an Indianapolis home, but a friendly addition to the family.

Megan and Tom Borgmann said their pet skunk is not only fixed to avoid releasing their notorious odor, but also loves bath time.

“Our friends think we’re crazy,” Megan Borgmann told

In Austin, Texas, Melanie Typaldos owns a less smelly, but equally as weird, house pet.

Meet Skipper, the 138-pound capybara.

While Skipper seems to be familiar with simple tricks and commands, Typaldos said it’s not always easy living with the world’s largest rodent.

“Her teeth are like razors,” she explained. “She does hog the covers; she refuses to move. I have to tug them from under her.”

Tessa Russell, a college student in Virginia, seems to have found a more docile house pet.

Hazel the hedgehog is tiny enough to bathe in the sink and fit into a small pouch.

“I’ll keep her in here to hang out while studying,” she explained. “I love to just snuggle with her.”

Hazel even goes to some classes with Tessa and it’s clear her prickly friend has won the hearts of everyone she meets.

“I love Hazel,” Tessa’s mom said. “She’s really sweet.”