‘Cellino & Barnes Challenge’: Law Firm’s Signature Jingle Is Internet’s Latest Craze

It’s one of those jingles you know the second you hear it.

New York law firm Cellino & Barnes has a recognizable jingle that has been played on television for years, but even the famed attorneys couldn't have anticipated the tune would find viral fame.

Broadway actress Molly Hager started the challenge last week. In the video, the actress does a rendition of the tune, which rattles off the company’s name and phone number of (800) 888-8888. 

Others have since jumped in on the fun, including Sara Bareilles and Katharine McPhee. A man in Bali even posted his own version.

The jingle was composed by Ken Kaufman in 1993. Back then, Cellino & Barnes was a local law firm unknown outside of Buffalo, New York. Thanks to that very catchy jingle, the firm expanded, with offices across New York state.

But Kaufman isn’t getting rich off the royalties because he sold the rights to the tune for a one-time fee of $3,500. 

Still, he's thrilled that after all these years; his jingle is being sung by renowned stars.

"I have always wanted to have a big star sing a song I wrote," he told Inside Edition. 

Steven Barnes, half of the firm, spoke to Inside Edition about the jingle. 

"Over time, it became an essential part of our identity and remains so to this day," he said.