'Distracted Boyfriend' Meme: Bizarre Finding Emerges About Girlfriend in Famed Stock Photo

Distracted Guy
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She is a model used in plenty of other stock photos.

It's the meme that continues to take the internet by storm, a man checking out a woman walking by while his shocked girlfriend looks on in disgust. 

While the meme is a stock photo, the girlfriend in the photo is actually no stranger to flabbergasted expressions

Interestingly enough, you may have seen her — and her stunned expression — before. 

The woman is a photo model and has appeared in a variety of other stock images where she appears shocked at what's on her cellphone. 

The shocked girl on her cell phone. - Getty
The shocked girl on her cell phone. - Getty

She looks surprised at something on her laptop. 

The shocked girl on her laptop. - Getty

She even looks astounded while working in an office. 

The shocked girl in an office. - Getty

And reading a letter.

The shocked girl reading a letter. - Getty

The news of the shocked girl’s additional images came after Twitter user Ernie Smith took to the social media platform to inform the public of how surprised the woman always seems. 

The photos were all taken by photographer Antonio Guillem, who has not commented on the sudden findings of the model he used. The woman in the photo has also not commented on the matter.