Baby Capybara Gets Adopted By a Surrogate Mom in Colombian Zoo

This little rodent is small now, but capybaras can grow to be over four feet long.

A baby Capybara is getting a second chance at a family after a rough go after its birth. The rodent was born in December, but soon after, it became apparent that she wasn’t being cared for by her parents.

So she was placed in the care of the Cali Zoo in Colombia. One of the keepers there is playing the role of surrogate mom and is helping her feed, bathe, and adjust to life.

Capybaras are native to South and Central America and are related to guinea pigs. This particular capybara is small now, but they are the world’s largest rodents. They can grow almost five feet long and can weigh up to 170 pounds.

They enjoy the water, so most of this baby’s daily routine is swimming and playing bath games. Zoo staff say they will attempt to give her another capybara playmate in a couple of months. But until then, she’s enjoying life with her human helpers.

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