Investigation Finds Rodents Running Around Inside Shake Shack

At another restaurant, our cameras spotted the critters climbing behind the kitchen counter looking for leftovers.

An investigation has found vermin running around some of Philadelphia's well-known restaurants, including rodents at one of the most popular food chains in the nation: Shake Shack.

As night fell across the City of Brotherly Love, Inside Edition's "Rat Patrol" found rodents running amok inside restaurant after restaurant.

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At one restaurant, our cameras spotted the critters climbing behind the kitchen counter looking for leftovers.

In Shake Shack, night after night, Inside Edition saw mice zipping across the floor and dashing under the kitchen door.

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Shake Shack has since apologized, saying the incident was unacceptable and was immediately handled.

Tune in to Inside Edition Tuesday to see what other famous restaurants our cameras caught rodents in after hours. Check here for local listings.

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