Baby Cut From Womb of Savanna Greywind Is Happy and Healthy With Grandparents and Dad

The baby, who is now a toddler, is being raised by her grandparents and her dad.

Some of the last words Savanna Greywind said to her mother, as she headed toward the apartment of a female neighbor, were, "Mom, you don't think this woman is crazy, do you?"

That woman killed the eight months pregnant Greywind, letting her bleed out after she cut the fetus from Greywind's womb in 2017. That baby is now a toddler who is healthy and being cared for by her grandparents and her father.

"She's a happy baby," grandma Norberta Greywind told British news agency SWNS proudly. "She's also very spoilt."

The past two years have decimated Norberta and her husband, Joe. They have endured the trauma of their 22-year-old daughter going missing. They reeled under the discovery of Savanna's mutilated body, encased in garbage bags and floating down the Red River in North Dakota.

And they watched as two of her daughter's neighbors, Brooke Crews, 39, and her boyfriend, William Hoehn, 34, were charged with stealing Savanna's baby and leaving Savanna to die on their bathroom floor. Hoehn pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping and giving false information to police. He was sentenced in 2018 to life in prison with parole. 

Crews pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping and providing false statements to law enforcement. She was sentenced to life in prison with parole.

The two had passed the baby off as their own, even taking her out in public as police investigated Savanna's disappearance.

Savanna had gone to Crews' third-floor apartment to help her with a sewing project. As she left, Savanna asked her mother if she thought Crews was "crazy." Her mom replied, "No, I don't." And then Savanna departed.

In the apartment Crews shared with Hoehn, she attacked Savanna with a carpenter's knife, cutting the woman's baby from her stomach, Crews later told police. Savanna drifted in and out of consciousness as Crews attacked her. 

Crews said she faked being pregnant and then took Savanna's baby as a way to mend her volatile relationship with Hoehn.

When Hoehn came home and saw Savanna's bloody body on their bathroom, he cleaned up the mess, put her remains in garbage bags and hid them in a closet. Later, the couple took the body and dumped it in the river. 

And then couple began bragging about their new daughter.

"That baby made me a happy little family man in two days," Hoehn told police. "It was great. I never thought I would ever experience that again, man."

Five days after Savanna's murder, police searched the couple's apartment and found the baby, whom they had named Phoenix. 

DNA testing showed the child belonged to Savanna and her boyfriend.

"I didn't want to believe it," Norberta said of her daughter's death. "Honestly, I'm still struggling with it."

But she finds joy in doting on her granddaughter, now named Haisley Jo, and in concentrating on the here and now.

The grandparents share custody with Haisley Jo's father, Ashton Matheny.

"We have a really good relationship with Ashton," the grandmother said. "He lets us spend as much time with her as we want."