Baby Elephant Freed by Indian Officials After Getting Stuck in a Well

Onlookers watched as the elephant screamed in pain during the ordeal.

India is home to over half of the world’s Asiatic elephant population, but in recent years the number has dropped because their habitat keeps shrinking. So when a baby elephant in the region was in distress, officials and villagers sprang into action.

The little baby in rural southeastern India was walking when it accidentally slipped down a well. “As we were well-informed of the movement of the elephants and we were on duty at the time, we immediately rushed to the spot,” said Range Forest Officer Rabi Narayan Mohanty. “The fire brigade was informed accordingly.”

Local officials used an excavator to help get the elephant out. Firefighters also had to tie rope around the elephant’s front legs to pull it up. Although they were successful, it was tough to hear the young elephant screaming in pain during the ordeal.

The baby elephant is now safe. And it's safe to say it won’t be using that road ever again.

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