Baby Orangutan Rescued From Forest Enjoys a Bath

He’s getting the royal treatment!

He’s getting the royal treatment!

A baby orangutan named Royal is stealing hearts everywhere, by making different facial expressions while a woman bathes him at a rescue facility in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The Sumatran orangutan was rescued from a nearby forest. According to conservation groups, his species is critically endangered due to poaching.

They live almost exclusively among the trees in the rainforest, but deforestation has destroyed their habitat.

About a century ago, there were more than 230,000 orangutans in total, including their cousins, the Bornean orangutan. Presently, there are 104,700 Borean orangutans and just 7,500 Sumatran orangutans left.

Luckily Royal gets to escape that harsh reality, and spread smiles while he soaks up the suds.