Orangutan Hilariously Annoys Aunt With Stick

The aunt finally found a clever way to hide.

A cute young Sumatran orangutan doesn’t care much about his aunt’s relaxation time.

The two animals, who reside at Chester Zoo in England, were hanging out together when the young orangutan started to bother his aunt with sticks.

In the cute moment captured on tape, the little one lightly taps her aunt with a stick until she takes it away from her.

It doesn’t seem to stop her from doing it again, however. The aunt is finally able to hide under some burlap.

The Sumatran orangutan is known to be charismatic so zookeepers aren’t surprised at the behavior.

The Sumatran orangutan is among the many species being pushed to the brink of extinction in South East Asia by hunting, forest clearance and the planting of oil palm plantations, which are destroying vast areas of rainforest at a rapid rate.

Just 14,000 remain in the wild.