Baby Reunited With Mother After He Was Taken in Carjacking

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 An 11-month-old boy who police say was taken by a carjacking suspect in a stolen car has been found safe.

The car was left running and unattended while the mother said she was picking up her other child from a caretaker Tuesday, police said. The suspect jumped into the vehicle and drove off.

Shortly after the carjacking, officers were seen holding a small child believed to be the baby. The boy, named Leo, was taken to a hospital to be evaluated.

The suspect has been identified as Maria Elizabeth De La Torre, according to CBS Los Angeles.

De La Torre reportedly told LAPD she would turn herself in on Tuesday at 5 p.m. after delivering a confession.

However, police have since said she failed to do so and the search for her continues.

The boy's mother, Paula, spoke out after being reunited with her boy Tuesday.

"I was just praying and hoping for the best," Paula said. "And having faith that God would find him."


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