From 'Backpack Kid' to a Starbucks Meltdown, Check Out Inside Edition's Top YouTube Clips of 2017

It's been quite a year for the Inside Edition YouTube page. Here are our most-watched videos.

This year brought on more viral video trends than ever before, and Inside Edition is looking back on the clips that had everyone talking. 

'Backpack Kid' has even more reasons to dance because he's the most-watched video on Inside Edition's YouTube channel of the year, with 16 million views. 

After Russell Horning upstaged Katy Perry during her Saturday Night Live performance in May, Inside Edition brought him to New York and the fans went wild learning his moves. 

"Backpack kid no doubt was on a hot streak this year and we went in and tapped into not just what he was doing, but who he was as a person, which the public was very, very interested in," said's Keleigh Nealon. 

Another video that had people talking was a prank that caused drama on the roadway after thousands of plastic balls were dumped out of a truck.

That video acquired an astonishing 4.2 million views. 

And who can forget the sperm donor meeting his 19 kids for the first time this past summer?  That video also racked up 4.2 million views on Inside Edition’s YouTube channel. 

A meltdown by a Starbucks barista racked up 3.5 million views after he complained about making the limited edition Unicorn Frappuccino. 

Also ranking high on Inside Edition’s YouTube channel was the sleeping beauty who slumbered in her mother's car and could not be woken up.

The video of her time in dreamland had 3.2 million views. 

Then, there was the story about the alarm clock stuck in a family's wall that has been going off every day for 13 years. That video also had 3.2 million views. 

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