Bake News! Sarah Huckabee Sanders Delivers Pie in Response to Skepticism Over Her Cooking Skills

Those in the White House Press Corps have cast doubt on the fact that she cooked the picture-perfect pies herself.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has cooked up a response to "piegate.”  

It all began on Thanksgiving when she tweeted that she made chocolate pecan pie, which looked more than perfect. 

“I don't cook much these days but managed this chocolate pecan pie for Thanksgiving,” she tweeted at the time. 

There were many in the White House Press Corps who doubted she ever cooked that picture-perfect pie herself.

On Wednesday, night the unflappable press secretary posted step-by-step photos of how she makes the pie, right down to the dough being mixed. 

 She also showed off the pies in the oven she prepared them for a potluck meal Thursday at The White House. 



Sanders also took aim at CNN correspondent April Ryan, who has been openly skeptical of her handiwork.

"Ingredients are all mixed up and pies in the oven! April Ryan let me know if you need further documentation #piegate,” Sanders tweeted.

Ryan then clapped back, saying she couldn’t wait to see the pies, but would not be having a bite. 

“As I said to @PressSec she may be able to burn in the kitchen but I won’t be eating. Burn is a good thing!” she wrote on Twitter.

After the exchange, Sanders showed off the finished product.